2 Aug

2 August

I sat at a dinner party recently where a table of adults laughingly offered up what their preferred super power would be. It’s funny how the kid in everyone came out as powers such as time travel and invisibility were bandied about.

The truth is, as believers, we do act as bearers of super powers, although not our own.

The fourth chapter in 2 Corinthians looks at the veil that is drawn across the vision of unbelievers by ‘the god of this world’. The truth of God’s reality is hidden from them and they languish in darkness, waiting for someone to draw that veil back and let the light in.

As believers, being light bearers is not a choice. By virtue of the Spirit that dwells within us, we should be compelled to pour this light out into the dark world around us. The sad fact is that we can dim this light and seriously diminish the effect that God can have in our world.

Verse 3 tells us “…if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled in them that perish”. So as you head out today, love as God loves, show kindness as God shows kindness, be gracious as God is gracious, bring joy as God brings joy. In doing so, you lift the veil for God’s light to shine into a dark world.



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Sam Macpherson