28 July

28 July

If you read yesterday’s YBL devotion, you may see that God is hammering a theme home here! Psalm 116 is a beautiful psalm of thanksgiving, which is always a powerful exercise.

To list the stunning mercies of God as a reminder of His grace always serves to reposition our spirit. It reminds us that we are above and not beneath, that we are victorious and not defeated. This comes not from my actions, but from a loving God that leaned towards me way before I leaned towards Him. In evidence, look at verse 2 – “Because He has inclined His ear to me, therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live.” God doesn’t wait until His children call out for Him. Instead, He sits poised over our lives in anticipation of pouring out love, mercy and blessing. Never believe for a second that you must debase yourself to earn favour or love from your heavenly Father. His position towards you is always one of grace, through the sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf. So, “…return to your rest, oh my soul, for The Lord has dealt bountifully with you.” (V.7)



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