29 July

29 July

The mortal coil is an interesting shell through which to navigate relationship with God.

We are invited to build connection with an infinite Saviour within the limitations of the finite framework of our humanity. At times, it can be mighty frustrating! I strain to see my life, and life in general, how God sees it as my humanity tethers me to a limited understanding.

I love that God, sensing our frustration with the need to “just trust Him”, encourages us in 1Cor 13:12. He reminds us that there will come a time that we will slip the bonds and restrictions of our humanity.

In that moment, there will be a clarity that can only come in an eternal context. Just a parent encourages a child that the mysteries of life will unfold at the right time, God reminds His kids that their journey will be the same.



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Sam Macpherson