3 Aug

3 August

The Psalms is a book of wisdom that encourages the reader to examine their life is the light of God’s commands. It then encourages the reader to live a life that finds it pleasure solely in God.

It establishes the theme from the first verse, with Psalm 1:1 observing, ‘Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked’.

Jesus was our ultimate example of how to walk within a corrupted world. He often walked with sinners, as well as sitting and eating with them. However, walking along side is not walking in step.

Walking in step is to adopt the prevailing culture, even when it runs in opposition to Kingdom culture. It can happen so easily. We live in times where modern media platforms invade all areas of life. Our responsibility is to hold all things up to Kingdom culture to test the veracity of it’s claims.

If you feel like you have stepped out of your grace zone, check who you are walking with. If it’s the spirit of the world, the solution is simple. Repentance and realignment is available in a simple moment of prayer.



About the Author:

Sam Macpherson