30 July

30 July

Have you ever considered that how your circumstances are affected by the words of your mouth? You should. Want to know why? Because what you say is what you see.

Psalm 118:1 makes the statement that the Lord is good and His mercies endure forever. God then instructs not once but three times that, having recognised this, “Israel must now say…” – that they must verbalise what they have discovered about God.

The word ‘now’ acknowledges that there was a time Israel did NOT recognise, or had forgotten, God’s goodness and mercy. However, once they realised afresh, their vocabulary about God changed to include these now amazing attributes.

To say out loud how good God is reminds us of His greatness. It restates His attributes. It creates neural pathways that reflect how we see God. If we speak out about God’s goodness often enough, we create a connection in our mind between God and goodness. When someone simply mentions God, our first thought is how good He is.

Take the time in your day to verbalise the goodness of God in your life and create a habit of speaking this out regularly. Let the very mention of His name conjure thoughts of grace, mercy and blessing.



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Sam Macpherson