4 Aug

4 August

Have you ever put off catching up with someone because you did the wrong thing by them? It feels awful, and the longer you delay, the worse it gets.

Honesty moment – just before I started writing this, I was totally bratty on the phone to my husband and now I’m loitering in a hotel lobby bar, writing and delaying the inevitable apology! ฀

As in the natural, so in the spiritual. When I KNOW I have disobeyed God, my first reaction is to avoid Him. I’m an expert! I dither and duck-shove reasons to come into His presence. I’m busy, I’m working, I have family commitments, I use Sunday as band aid. But if I’m honest, I am making excuses because I’m avoiding the spiritual ‘smack’ that I fear God has waiting for me.

I need to have Romans 8:1-2 tattooed across the inside of my eyelids! It is a permanent reminder that God both knows the sinfulness of my heart AND that I have the gift of Jesus’ hard-won righteousness.

It is a gift that comes by faith in Jesus! Not only that, but I have the Holy Spirit, who helps me live for God each day, even when I fail a thousand times. Never live with dirty hands and a distant heart. God made provision that you can live in connection with Him.



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