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Turning dreams into reality

The origins of Calvary Christian Church go back to 1924 when Charles Enticknap preached to a small group of people at a house in South Townsville.

The first convert, Mrs Howell, gave the equivalent of $5000 she had invested so that a tent could be purchased for church meetings. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Then, as now, the church grew when visions and dreams from the Holy Spirit were accompanied by the giving of people whose hearts God had touched. This is exactly as it was in the early church. The book of Acts says of the first believers…

Fast forward to 2017

Calvary Christian Church is now in locations around Queensland – in Townsville, Cairns, Emerald, Rockhampton, Yeppoon, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast… and soon in South Africa!

The church will continue to take ground as we all, inspired by a vision and dream the Holy Spirit has placed in our heart, rise in faith and allow God to channel finance through us.

Principles of Biblical Generosity

01. PRAY.

Ask God what He would have you do over the next 12 months. God honours faith. You will know you have heard from God because whatever He asks you to do will require faith.


Make a commitment to do whatever God tells you to do.
We ask for a commitment because:
(1)    Putting our commitment in writing helps each of us to focus our faith
(2)    Putting our commitment in writing enables our Church Board to
believe in faith with you
(3)    Putting our commitment in writing provides confidence to the bank,
knowing people are invested.
(4)    Putting your commitment in writing enables our Church Board to
get a reasonably accurate understanding of how much we could
expect to be contributed over the next 12 months. This enables us
to plan wisely.
Please understand that your commitment is ultimately between you
and God. If you are not able to fulfil your pledge, no-one is going to
hold you to it.


Faith is always accompanied by works and always requires courage.
Having made a faith commitment, now begin to take practical steps to see that commitment realised.


As you give, believe in the principle of harvest – that God, as He promises in His word, will multiply the seed of the sower. We don’t give to get; we give because we are grateful and because we have a Heart for the House. The fear that giving will leave us short is trumped by the promises of God’s Word – that if we sow we will reap.


It’s a joyful thing to serve the Lord. We serve Him not because we
have to or ought to but because we want to! Let’s enjoy the journey
of faith together.

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